TS 60 CN


This milling machine with CN control enables to manufacture straight or bent taper and shaped round parts with diameters from 12 to 56 mm. made of wood; this machine works using a cutterhead with 3 knives on which is possible to change the diameter to be produced during the working process ; through a recirculating ball screw powered by a brushless motor is possible to let knives open and close to make the desired shaping on the workpiece under process.

Programming software is friendly and easy to use as it allows to insert, amend or change working programs in few seconds time , enabling a better flexibility as well as granting a higher quality production.

This unit is ideal for the production of chairs fittings, like Thonet chairs and similar ones, tables legs and furniture components, but also agricultural tools handles or sport equipments like for example oars, paddles, boat masts , flag poles or billiard cues.

Technical data

Minimum diameter : 12 mm.
Maximum diameter : 56 mm.
Minimum lenght : 450 mm.
Maximum lenght : 5000 mm.
Productivity : 1/12 mt./min.
Motors voltage : 400V/50 Hz.
Head rotation motor : 5,5 Kw.
Feed motor : 0,75 Kw.
Brushless motor for “CNC” : 2,8 N/mt.