LPC 300


Planetary sanding machine with abrasive belts for sanding and finishing operations on straight, bent or shaped parts with round, oval, elliptical or irregular section, made of wood, bamboo, rattan, plastic materials and metal.

Particularly suitable to sand short handles for agricultural tools, stairs and chairs components.

A.m. machine allows sanding operations on parts with max. diameter 100 mm. – minimum bending radius 150 mm., both shaped and taper parts; machine can be also equipped with automatic feed systems for straight and bent parts.

On this unit are mounted n°2 abrasive belts – size 940 x 60 mm.

Technical data

Minimum diameter (with special feed rollers) : 5 mm.
Maximum diameter : 100 mm.
Minimum bending radius : 150 mm.
Productivity : 1/8 mt./min.
Disc motor : 1,5 Kw.
Abrasive belts motor : 3 Kw
Abrasive belts size : 940 x 60 mm.
Standard voltage : 400V/50 hz.