POKER is a NC-machining centre with 3 interpolating axes featuring multi-operating units.

POKER has been engineered to process not only end-working operations (s.a. tenoning, mortising, boring, end-cutting etc.) but especially to execute the milling, routing, turning, sanding and carving of a workpiece, in total safety and at reduced production times.

The application of special clamping and rotating systems of the work piece, as well as the equipment
of automatic loading and unloading systems, makes POKER even more versatile and flexible.

Among the main advantages featuring POKER:

  • Fast tooling-up of the working units;
  • Fast working cycle thanks to the absence of tool-changers;
  • Fast shifting from one working cycle to another one;
  • Max. flexibility thanks to a wide range of optional clamping and rotating systems of the workpiece;
  • Time saving even for small batches production;
  • Easy programming;
  • Space saving.