Fully hydraulic automatic lathe with one fixed gouge for rounding and two very sensitive hydraulic copiers with 110mm stroke.

Copying possibility either on wooden sample and shaped template.

Automatic feeder for pieces up to a maximum diameter of 140mm.

Provisions available for pieces up to a maximum diam. 220 mm to be positioned and turned in semi-automatic mode.

Maximum turning length is 1600mm.

Automatic hopper feeder, tailstock and workpiece expeller.

The copier slide is mounted on linear guides and driven by an hydraulic cylinder, controlled by Programmed Logic Control and NC encoder.

The maximum speed of copiers slide is 32 mts/minute.
All working functions of the machine are controlled by the programmed logic control.
The machine is equipped with the self-learning system for the creation, change and revision of up to 66 working programs.

During the self-learning, it’s possible to store the advancement speeds of the copiers slide and the rotation speeds of the spindle in the optimal way, depending on the sample to be machined.

Special device for stopping tailstock pressure when long and slender wood pieces have to be turned.
Machine standardly equipped with spindle motor inverter, 3 hydraulic backnives and clamping device on the feeder for a perfect centering of the wooden blanks.

Machine complies with CE standards to guarantee highest operator safety.

Overall noise level of the machine is less than 85 decibels.

Weight Kgs.3030