Automatic hydro-pneumatic lathe for mass production of small wooden items with a maximum 46mm diameter from round timber stocks, with minimum wastage on each wooden dowel (20-30 mm long waste) Machine can be fitted with square collets too (in this case, square blanks must be planed).

Feeder, collet and bars stop are controlled pneumatically

The linear DC motor controls timber stocks advancement

Maximum length of work piece 100 mm.

Machine complete with:
Four tool groups with 70mm stroke, each one with rapid approach devices: a) roughing out b) finishing c) vertical dowel cutting d) parting off. Each tool group is mounted on circular guides for easy adjustment and less maintenance Tailstock with 120mm stroke with rapid advance, intermediary release, adjustable final pause and blower nozzle for drill bits

Maximum round timber stocks length is 600 mm with a tolerance of 200 mm.

Wooden stock bars from a minimum of 7mm up to a maximum of 46 mm diameter

Program logic control allows freely programmable work sequence of required tools only and fine tuning of each single tool advancement speed

Machine complies with CE standards to guarantee highest operator safety

Overall noise level of the machine is less than 85 decibels.

Weight Kgs.1820