Fully automatic hydraulic lathe with feeder, fitted with clamping device for a perfect centering of the wooden blanks, ideal for the production of small timber components made from square stocks

The headstock runs on linear guides and is driven by a brushless motor with ball screw and lead nuts

Maximum length of the wooden stocks is 1000 mm with a tolerance of 200mm.

This lathe is equipped with:
a toolholder group for roughing operation (on request, an additional roughing tool can be added on the machine)
a toolholder group for finishing operation
a tailstock for drilling and/or milling operations
a toolholder group for parting off

Maximum length of work-pieces : with hole 120 mm – without hole 150 mm.

It will accept square wooden stocks from a minimum of 20x20mm to a maximum of 85x85mm, using a bearing steady rest with blades (as an option the machine can be modified for turning wooden blanks up to 95x95mm square)

The machine is equipped with a device for getting a minimum length wood waste. The minimum length of this off-cut, which varies depending on the length of turning, is 40 mm.

All operations are controlled by programmed logic control and a self-learning system with visualizer and electronic keyboard for easier setting up and for the immediate faults finding

Machine complies with CE standards to guarantee highest operator safety

Overall noise level of the machine is less than 85 decibels.

Weight Kgs.2170