ARGO GANTRY 5A is a range of 5 interpolating axes NC machining centers with fixed working table and mobile bridge structure. This range of machining centers features a particularly rigid and sturdy structure that assures a perfect finishing and precision of the working operations even at high speeds.

The operating head features two rotating axes (A and C axis) controlled by NC, which allow the unit to reach all the possible inclinations in the area. The two rotating movements of the head are interpolated and driven by two precision reducers.

The polar “A” axis allows a rotation of +/- 110° and the “C” axis rotation is +/- 220°.

The electro-spindle features a power of 12 kW and a maximum speed rotation of 24.000 rpm with liquid cooling system. The tool-magazine is a rotating plate with 12 stations.

ARGO GANTRY 5A can be widely customized: the table top can be made out of Rexilon, Aluminium or MDF.

According to the production needs, the pieces can be fixed through a vacuum system, blower pumps and/or special customized clamps.

Upon request, ARGO GANTRY is available with multi-operating units, additional tool-magazines, multi-spindle boring units, wooden chips clearing out systems, and loading/unloading systems.