OMK.300 + UF.150/220


UF.150/220 is a fully automatic operating unit, with programmed logic control, to be linked to OMK.300 machine

It consists of a pneumatic arm which picks up the turned and sanded piece from the OMK.300 machine and places it into a self-locking clamp and then ejects it after the two sides units have carried out boring and milling operations

These units are able to do drilling, milling and facing operation on the two sides of any turned/sanded component

The operating system is complete with:

A unit capable of drilling up to a maximum of 220mm in depth and 60mm in diameter which special swivel joint for air supply, fitted on the tailstock side

A unit capable of drilling up to a maximum of 150mm in depth and 60mm, fitted on the spindle side

The functions of each unit are controlled by easily adjustable hydro-pneumatic cylinders

Both units working cycles are freely programmable to suit any specific needs.

OMK.300 + UF.150/220 allows, in automatic mode, turning, sanding, co-axle drilling, milling and facing machinings for any components with a maximum size of 85X85 mm.

Machine complies with CE standards to guarantee highest operator safety

Overall noise level of the machine is less than 85 decibels.

UF.150/220 only weight Kgs.700